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Everything is connected to everything else, Helathy food Leads a Healthy Body, a Healthy Body Leads a Healthy Mind and a Healthy Mind Leads Happiness and Prosperity. Most of us have fond memories of food from our childhood. Whether it's our mom recpeie or a memorable birthday cake, food has always a way of transporting us back to the past. Our story began in mid of March 2014 in Chennai. A few souls discussing about North Indian Foods that was hard to find in Chennai, and if available anywhere it wasn't Home Made food Taste as well hardly Pocket Friendly. Leading a lot to move back to their home town/City. Living in Chennai is quiet an Amazing experience.......... what every one find missing here was "Home Made food away from Home" only.

By the verge of Night, a Pair of Flashlighted Face thought, why not Start a venture to have "Home Made food away from Home" at Pocket Friendly Cost, thats how "Vaishno thali" Popped up. Moto was/is only to Provide at Pocket Friendly cost "Home Made food away from Home". we are not only providing Food at Minimum Cost but also caters Hygeine, quality at its maxiumum. Your diet is a bank account, good food choices are good investments. "Vaishno Thali" Prepares food with simplicity having Balanced blend of Spices as in Home. we are here to sreve you Pcket friendly Quality and Quantity Food. Eat Healthy Live Helathy Live Happy. Laugh as Much as u can. Healthy food Healthy Body Healthy Mind Healthy Soul.

You Try us once, if we are good enough refer us to your friends and review us. if not let us know, what you don't like about us. The time is always right to do what is right. SOme basics about Place : A lot to explore in chennai and its surrounding, live it, rejoice it, connect with it and spread it, you will not regret, journey of your Life of this part

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